Lost In Space – part 3

“Tarrel, at least ten battle cruiser class vessel heading in our way! Get us out of here!”

There was no point to continue the fight from now, so I recalled the drones. With a grump Tarrel headed to the point where we arrived, the only point far from a celestial body, even if these sleepers were able to locate us, it would take them some times before they pinpoint us, giving us maybe enough time to re-engage the cloak.

“warp drive active” the soft voice of Aura echoed in the ship, followed by a sigh from both Tarrel and me.

“And cloaking device operational” said Tarrel “want some coffee?” Tarrel asked, hanging me the coffee pot

“no, thanks”

Tarrel took the seat next to me, looking to the data of the fight.

“24% that’s what’s left of our shield after the attack of this bloody thing! And you said it was only frigate class? I’m glad to have not stayed to see what damage the upper classes does.”


Minutes passed in silence, both of us lost in our thoughts, until the recognizable ship’s shaking indicated that we had left the warp.

“What do we do now?” Tarrel asked.
“I don’t know yet…” I answered, losing myself in thoughts.


Tarrel, my friend from old. We knew each other since childhood, I was only 9 when my mother was sold as a slave to Tarrel’s parents. Even If there was worst position as a slave than to be governess, we were slave nonetheless. But it allowed me to grow up on Caldari prime and, let’s face it, there was far worse situation for a Minmatar child to grow.

Those years were great, I grew up alongside Tarrel, playing, fighting and studying together, we watched the same movies, played the same games and had a same dream: to explore the stars. But there was one big difference, I always preferred reading and searching where Tarrel preferred to do and act. In clear he was a maker where I was a thinker. This difference were why we succeeded in our goals, and reflect still today: he is the pilot/fighter where I do the analyse and support. the Caldari culture is full of competition and materialism where mine, or at least what my mother transmitted of it, were full of stories, myths and respects for the elders.

Our path separated really when the great Minmatar uprising occurred, I was 16 at this time. One day my mother said to me that I was going to Matar, that I could grow up as a free man, that liberty was the foundation of the new “Minmatar republic” and that we should always remember that no human is superior to another. At the time the Caldari confederation was still trying to make good figure for the Gallentean federation, so Tarrel’s parents decided to free both of my mother and me, and they proposed to engage my mother for the same job but paid and as a free woman, being better master than many other she had, she gladly accepted.

Tarrel grew up, as I did, separated but still friend at heart, we met a few time before the war. When the Caldari broke their alliance with the Gallenteans the war erupted and Tarrel fought alongside his people.

Even with the war going we stayed friend and when the war was over, we took almost the same path, even if in different way: the capsuleer’s path.

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